New Film Projects

Here, There and Everywhere: a short film about stages in human life, as evoked by much loved poetry readings and over two hundred of Richard’s photographs of people in Britain and thirty-odd other countries. Obvious differences round the world are highlighted and also many similarities. The challenge is to spot which images were shot at home.

The Bride from Belsen: the extraordinary story of Gena Turgel, who survived the Nazi invasion of her country, ghetto life, transportation, forced marches and three concentration and extermination camps before being liberated by the British Intelligence Corps, one of whose officers proposed to her at Bergen-Belsen just two weeks after meeting her and whom she married in October 1945.

A Ferry Story

Richard’s film about the iconic ferries on Sydney Harbour, has been selected by the International Shorts Film Festival in Melbourne, Australia. Watch the film below.

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Recent photos of India

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